The ongoing BABCN art project “We All Have a Story to Tell,” under the loving guidance of Saratoga artist Bonnie Stone, highlights the artistic expression of BABCN members; survivors, family members, and friends. These compelling narratives are played out on a simple butcher’s apron and each unique tapestry expresses humor, loss, memories, anger, dreams, pain, and an overriding spirit of happiness and joy for life and family.

Voices of Hope

The Healing Journey is one of exploration and transition. We are pleased to provide a forum for our members Artwork, Poetry, and Prose. We honor each woman’s ability to touch and inspire others through their honesty and courage. Their collective voice serves as a reminder that each of us can find healing through the process of creation.


Poetry “My Mother Does Not Like Pen Marks,”by Megan McMurrin.

“Contemplation,” by Helen Knisely.


Prose “Purple Wings,” written by Traci DiTulio, illustrated by Melissa Martin.

“Nature’s Role in My Healing,” by Gloria Robinson.
Photography “Healing Images,” by Joan Schreiner.


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