A lot of people are affected by back pain all over the world. Back pain is a condition that can make you miss essential activities, diminish your quality of life, and make you fail to enjoy social activities. Back pain can cause disability. If the pain is in advanced stages it is better to opt for a surgery. Search for spine surgeons in dayton ohio to get more information about the spine surgery specialists. Happily, taking care of the spine can help reduce the chances of back pain. Below are some tips on how to make on how to have a healthy spine.

Seven tips on how to have a healthy spine

  1. Sleep well

To have a healthy spine, you need to sleep well. Your body needs good sleep to rest and be able to repair itself. Also, you need to know the best method to relax your body. For instance, sleeping on your stomach puts a lot of pressure on the spine. This can lead to back pain. Hence, you are advised to sleep on side. In addition, ensure you invest in a good mattress. You should also turn the mattress often to reduce uneven wear and tear.

  1. Lift right

Another method to ensure you have a healthy spine is lifting heavy load the right way. It is possible to twist and damage your back when lifting an object. Therefore, when lifting an object, stand near the item, and use your knees and your legs and not your back to pull the load. You can also bend your knees and not your back. If you feel the load is heavy, seek help from someone.

  1. Stay Active

People who are not active experience back pain often. Hence, if you want to have a healthy spine, you need to remain active. Simple activities such as swimming, walking, visiting the gym often, jogging, and biking can help you stay active. Also, involve stretching, strengthening, and aerobic activities when working out.

  1. Stay hydrated

Water is significant for someone who wants to stay healthy. Water helps to maintain soft tissue and elasticity in joints. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy spine, drink a lot of water. Being dehydrated can cause herniated disks or ruptured disks, causing sciatica. This makes the spine unhealthy.

  1. Have a healthy weight

If you want your spine to remain healthy, you need to check your weight. Working out and eating healthy can help to maintain a healthy weight, and eventually a healthy spine. People who are obese or overweight have problems such as back pain, leg problems, and other issues due to much pressure on muscles and joints.

  1. Work smart

Working smart is another wise way to maintain a healthy spine. Whether you work at home or the office, make sure you check your body. Have a good chair, do not sit for long, rest your feet comfortably, and have social activities. By working smart, you can enjoy a healthy life.

  1. Do not ignore the warning signs

Even though back pains are common, do not ignore any symptoms. This may be as a result of a severe spine problem. Since any back issue can worsen with time, it is wise to seek help as soon as possible.

7 Tips on How to have a Healthy Spine

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