How quality of sleep affects chances of getting breast cancer?

How quality of sleep affects chances of getting breast cancer?

There is a very strong connection between sleep and cancer because many researchers have found that most of the people that suffer from cancer have one thing in common and that is sleep problems. There are many researchers that consider it to be an emotional impact but many others believe that it has a great connection with cancer.

The researchers are conducting some research on this top to find more and more facts to prove that whether your sleep quality can promote cancer in your body or not. Some results that are found after the research are very dangerous as they have proved that your sleeping quality can definitely affect the chances of getting cancer.

And unfortunately, the women can become a bigger victim of this issue because the poor quality of sleep plays an important role in promoting the breast cancer. So, women should be more careful about their quality of sleep in this regard. However, here are some facts about how poor quality of sleep can affect chances of getting breast cancer.

A recent study has shown that women that chronically lack sleep can easily become a victim of breast cancer. There were around 101 women diagnosed during this research. The researcher asked them the questions about their average amount of sleep and it appeared to be very shocking that women that were chronically lacking the sleep were at a higher risk of suffering from breast cancer as compared to others. This study has shown that inadequate sleeping routine can put a severe impact on the chances of getting breast cancer.

Build a schedule for sleeping

This is the most important thing that you must do if you want to stay away from breast cancer. Your biological clock will adapt itself according to the routine and it will help in bringing a healthy change to your body. This will not only protect you from breast cancer but it will also protect you from several other health issues.

Don’t take naps

Taking the naps will definitely affect your biological clock and you won’t be able to maintain your sleeping schedule. Thus, your sleeping quality will get damaged and it won’t improve at all.

Avoid Caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol are the most powerful elements that prevent your mind from feeling sleepy which means that they will keep you awake for a very long time. So, if you want to improve the quality of sleep, you must avoid having caffeine and alcohol at least 6 hours before going to the bed.

Sleeping bed

We recommend that you must buy the best sleeping bed to improve your quality of sleep because the quality of bed also plays an important role in affecting your quality of sleep. So, change your bed and mattress today to feel more comfortable.…

Does meditation technology like Holosync really work?

Does meditation technology like Holosync really work?

We spend a lot of time in our workplaces due to which our mind becomes stressed. There are many health experts that have introduced several meditations that can help in reducing the stress but the problem is that we are so much busy in our lives that we can’t even spare a few minutes for those meditations.

That is why some technology experts have contributed with the health experts to introduce the meditation technology that is completely based on the principles of traditional meditation but can be used anytime and anywhere. This new meditation technology is a very convenient and comfortable solution for most of the people as it doesn’t ask you to dedicate a fixed time for the meditation.

You can simply use these technologies while sitting in your workplace or while reading a book. However, there are some critics that believe that the meditation technology cannot provide you the real benefits that you can obtain from the traditional methods. On the other hand, there are many meditation technologies that are providing continuous benefits to the users and there are many people that are buying these technologies to obtain their benefits.

In today’s article, we will take a look at the expert holosync review to help you determine that whether these meditation technologies can help you or not.

Better blood flow

The traditional meditation techniques are designed in a way that they can improve the performance of different parts of the body by improving the blood flow to your body. Most of the meditation technologies are supposed to improve the performance of your mind as mind is directly connected to the other parts of the body. So, the boost in mental performance will definitely give a boost to your overall health. These meditation technologies can improve the blood flow to your body so that your mind can act accordingly.


The traditional meditation techniques are supposed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Similarly, the meditation technologies are designed to provide you complete comfort and relax. A relaxed body would help in improving your mental and physical health. The relaxation would also help you make several decisions wisely.

Stress relief

Stress relief is the most important focus of most of the people that are recommended by the doctors to use a meditation technology. The meditation technology helps in releasing the tension between different parts of the body. Thus, it makes your mind and body feel relaxed. And as a result, you start getting rid of stress with the passage of the time.…

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